Dr. Hildebrand

Are you planning a wedding, baptism, first communion, birthday, mourning, company trip, family celebration, wedding anniversary or have a special occasion in sight? Or maybe you are planning a romantic meal for two? The nicely furnished «Dr. Hildebrandstube» offers you the perfect setting.

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Between 1896 and 1943, Dr. Hildebrand served as a practicing physician in Appenzell, establishing his practice at the Landsgemeindeplatz in the "Kirchenpfleger Sutter’s" house. His marriage to Wilhelmina Rusch, the daughter of a Landammann, brought a magnificent late 17th-century Renaissance buffet into the family.

Upon his request, Willy Raess, a master carpenter from Appenzell, crafted a splendid living room complete with a coffered ceiling, parquet flooring, and walnut doors. In 1978, the Sutter family seized the rare opportunity to acquire the house along with this precious room. After careful dismantling and restoration, the room found its place in the new building of the Hotel Appenzell, becoming its crown jewel.

Today, the room adjoins the café-restaurant and exudes the calm, balanced elegance of the Renaissance. This special space, a true highlight of our house, enchants with its typical Appenzell atmosphere. It is ideal for smaller gatherings of up to 26 people, but also offers couples an exquisite dining experience. The captivating beauty of ancient woods and the craftsmanship of bygone centuries continually fascinate guests of all ages, ensuring unforgettable moments.

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